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Chromatin Regulation / Nuclear Function

5691LCMT1 (4A4) Mouse mAbWB IPM R
7389CBP (D6C5) Rabbit mAbWB IP IF-IC ChIP ChIP-seqH M R Mk
7425CBP (D9B6) Rabbit mAbWB IP ChIP ChIP-seqH M R Mk
7998HELLS AntibodyWBH M Mk
8173Acetyl-Histone H3 (Lys27) (D5E4) XP® Rabbit mAbWB IF-IC F ChIP ChIP-seqH M R Mk (Hm) (X) (Z) (GP) (Hr)
8515TBP AntibodyWBH M R Mk
8745SMARCB1/BAF47 (D9C2) Rabbit mAbWBH M R Mk (Hm) (C) (X) (B)
8848Acetyl-Histone H3 (Lys23) Antibody
9437HMGN2 (D9B9) XP® Rabbit mAbWB IP IF-ICH M R Mk (B) (Dg) (Pg) (GP) (Hr)

MAP Kinase Signaling

5000JunD (D17G2) Rabbit mAbWB IP IF-IC FH Mk B Pg
7917SignalSilence® SHP-2 siRNA ITFNH (M) (Mk)
7927SignalSilence® SHP-2 siRNA II

Translational Control

7547Phospho-4E-BP1 (Thr37/46) (236B4) Rabbit mAb (PE Conjugate)FH M R Mk Dm

Ca, cAMP and Lipid Signaling

7677S100P AntibodyWB IPH
8495Phospholamban Antibody
8496Phospho-Phospholamban (Ser16/Thr17) AntibodyWBR (H) (M) (B) (Dg) (Pg)
8513β2-Adrenergic Receptor (D6H2) Rabbit mAbWBH
8548Phospho-IP3 Receptor (Ser1756) (D10E3) Rabbit mAbWB IPH M R
8691Annexin A1 (D16A10) Rabbit mAb
9550S100B (D10G6) Rabbit mAbWBH M R
9616PKCδ (D10E2) Rabbit mAbWB IPH M R Mk (X) (B) (Dg) (Hr)

Cell Cycle / Checkpoint Control

5469TTK (D15B7) Rabbit mAbWB IPH (Mk)
8147Phospho-Rb (Ser608) (D10F2) Rabbit mAbWB IPH (Mk)
8180Phospho-Rb (Ser780) (D59B7) Rabbit mAbWB IPH M R Mk
8654Phospho-LATS1 (Thr1079) (D57D3) Rabbit mAbWBH M (R) (Mk) (C) (X) (Z) (Dg)
8746XPB (2C6) Mouse mAbWB IPH M R Mk

Immunology and Inflammation

5650BCL6 (D65C10) Rabbit mAbWB IP ChIPH M
7523IκBα (L35A5) Mouse mAb (Amino-terminal Antigen) (PE Conjugate)FH M R Mk B Pg
7649Phospho-Stat1 (Tyr701) (D4A7) Rabbit mAbWB IP IF-IC F ChIP ChIP-seqH M R (Mk)
7652Phospho-IRAK4 (Thr345/Ser346) Antibody (M) (R) (Mk) (B) (Dg)
8082Phospho-Jak2 (Tyr1008) (D4A8) Rabbit mAbWBH M (R) (Mk) (X) (B) (Pg)
8460Human His64-1BB Ligand/TNFSF9 (hHis64-1BBL)
8547Btk (D3H5) Rabbit mAbWB IP IHC-Bond IHC-P FH M (R) (Hm) (B) (Dg) (Pg) (Hr)


7672β-Amyloid (1-42 Specific) Antibody (M) (R) (Mk)
8593APBA2 Antibody (H)
8601NHERF1 (D1C10) Rabbit mAbWB IPH
8773Brn2/POU3F2 Antibody (M)
8850AMPA Receptor (GluR 1) Antibody
9017STEP (D7E2) Rabbit mAbWB IPH R
9069STEP (D9H3) Rabbit mAbWB IPH M R
9447Nicastrin (D65G7) Rabbit mAbWB IPH M R Mk
9568NHERF2 (D3A5) Rabbit mAbWB IPH

Cytoskeletal Signaling

7399Phospho-AP2M1 (Thr156) (D4F3) Rabbit mAbWB IP IF-ICH (M) (R) (Mk)
741314-3-3 ζ/δ (D7H5) Rabbit mAbWBH M R Mk Pg (C) (B)
8457β-Actin (D6A8) Rabbit mAbWB IF-IC FH M R Mk Dm Z (Hm) (C) (B) (Pg)
8461Twinfilin-1 AntibodyWBH M R Mk
8522Caveolin-2 (D4A6) XP® Rabbit mAbWB IP IF-ICH Mk
8555Annexin V AntibodyWBH M R Mk
8582Dab2 Antibody
9610Sec24D Antibody
9678Sec24A AntibodyWB IPH Mk

Nuclear Receptor Signaling

8633NRBF-2 (D8G1) Rabbit mAbWB IPH M R Mk (Hm) (B) (Dg) (Hr)

Developmental Biology

4747TRA-2-54 (2J) Mouse mAbWB IPH
8459Sall4 (D16H12) Rabbit mAbWB IF-ICH
8486RUNX2 (D1H7) Rabbit mAbWB IP ChIPH M R Mk
8490LEF1 (C12A5) Rabbit mAb (Alexa Fluor® 488 Conjugate)FH M R
8774KIBRA AntibodyWB IPH Mk
8843Phospho-MOB1 (Thr12) (D2E3) Rabbit mAbWBH M R Mk (X) (Hr)

Related Products

8146DYKDDDDK Tag (9A3) Mouse mAb (Binds to same epitope as Sigma's Anti-FLAG® M2 Antibody)WB IP IHC-P IF-IC F
8476S-Tag Antibody
8687Protein A Magnetic Beads
8740Protein G Magnetic Beads
987120 mM Citrate pH 3.0 (Sterile)
9872Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS-1X) pH7.2 (Sterile)


Pathways & Diagrams for Epigenetic Regulation