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#70257 CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb

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感度分子量 (kDa)抗体の由来貯法
内在性200-250Rabbit IgG-20℃
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免疫沈降 (1:50)免疫組織染色 (パラフィン) (1:200)免疫蛍光細胞染色 (IF-IC) (1:100)免疫蛍光染色 (IF-F) (1:100)Immunohistochemistry (Leica® Bond™) (1:200)


IHC-P: 抗体希釈液 / 抗原賦活化


CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb recognizes endogenous levels of total CD45 protein. Non-specific staining was observed in mouse kidney by immunohistochemistry. This antibody is predicted to react with both the CD45.1 and CD45.2 alleles.
Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Ala1258 of mouse CD45 protein.

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Immunoprecipitation of CD45 protein from BaF3 cell extracts. Lane 1 is 10% input, lane 2 is Rabbit (DA1E) mAb IgG XP® Isotype Control #3900, and lane 3 is CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb. Western blot analysis was performed using CD45 (D4H7K) Rabbit mAb #72787. Mouse Anti-rabbit IgG (Conformation Specific) (L27A9) mAb (HRP Conjugate) #5127 was used as the secondary.

IHC-Leica® Bond™

IHC-Leica® Bond™

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded 4T1 mammary tumor using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb performed on the Leica® BOND™ Rx.

IHC-P (paraffin)

IHC-P (paraffin)

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded mouse liver using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb.

IHC-P (paraffin)

IHC-P (paraffin)

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded mouse lung using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb in the presence of control peptide (left) or antigen-specific peptide (right).

IHC-P (paraffin)

IHC-P (paraffin)

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded mouse spleen using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb.

IHC-P (paraffin)

IHC-P (paraffin)

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded mouse stomach using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb.



Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of mouse colon (left) and mouse kidney (right) using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb (green). Actin filaments were labeled with DyLight™ 554 Phalloidin #13054. Blue pseudocolor = DRAQ5® #4084 (fluorescent DNA dye).



Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of Raw 264.7 (left, positive) and C2C12 (right, negative) cells using CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb (green). Red = Propidium Iodide (PI)/RNase Staining Solution #4087.


The protein phosphatase (PTP) receptor CD45 is a type I transmembrane protein comprised of a pair of intracellular tyrosine phosphatase domains and a variable extracellular domain generated by alternative splicing (1). The catalytic activity of CD45 is a function of the first phosphatase domain (D1) while the second phosphatase domain (D2) may interact with and stabilize the first domain, or recruit/bind substrates (2,3). CD45 interacts directly with antigen receptor complex proteins or activates Src family kinases involved in the regulation of T- and B-cell antigen receptor signaling (1). Specifically, CD45 dephosphorylates Src-family kinases Lck and Fyn at their conserved negative regulatory carboxy-terminal tyrosine residues and upregulates kinase activity. Conversely, studies indicate that CD45 can also inhibit Lck and Fyn by dephosphorylating their positive regulatory autophosphorylation site. CD45 appears to be both a positive and a negative regulator that conducts signals depending on specific stimuli and cell type (1). Human leukocytes including lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes, basophils, and neutrophils express CD45, while erythrocytes and platelets are negative for CD45 expression (4).

13079   Immunohistochemistry Application Solutions Kit (Rabbit)
14166   Hematoxylin
14177   SignalStain® Mounting Medium
14746   SignalStain® Citrate Unmasking Solution (10X)
15019   Animal-Free Blocking Solution (5X)
8059   SignalStain® DAB Substrate Kit
8112   SignalStain® Antibody Diluent
8114   SignalStain® Boost IHC Detection Reagent (HRP, Rabbit)
9997   Tris Buffered Saline with Tween® 20 (TBST-10X)

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CD45 (D3F8Q) Rabbit mAb

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