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#75484 TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb

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#75484T20 μL39,000
感度分子量 (kDa)抗体の由来貯法
Endogenous (IHC-P), Transfected (W, F)40-60Rabbit IgG-20℃
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ウェスタンブロッティング (1:1000)免疫組織染色 (パラフィン) (1:100)フローサイトメトリー (1:800)Immunohistochemistry (Leica® Bond™) (1:100)


IHC-P: 抗体希釈液 / 抗原賦活化


内在性レベルのTIM-4 タンパク質を検出します。TIM-1 またはTIM-3 タンパク質とは交差しません。
ヒトのTIM-4 タンパク質のPro215 周辺領域 (合成ペプチド)

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※下記の社内データは、すべて75484 の推奨プロトコールで実験した結果です。

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from 293T cells, untransfected (-) or transfected (+) with construct expressing full-length human Myc/DDK-tagged TIM-1 (hTIM1-Myc/DDK), TIM-3 (hTIM-3-Myc/DDK), or TIM-4 (hTIM-4-Myc/DDK), using TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb (upper) or DYKDDDDK Tag #14793 (lower).

IHC-Leica® Bond™

IHC-Leica® Bond™

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human ovarian serous carcinoma using TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb performed on the Leica® BOND™ Rx.

IHC-P (paraffin)

IHC-P (paraffin)

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human ductal breast carcinoma using TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb.

IHC-P (paraffin)

IHC-P (paraffin)

Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma using TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb in the presence of control peptide (left) or antigen-specific peptide (right).

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometric analysis of 293T cells, untransfected (green) or transfected with a construct expressing TIM-4-Myc/DDK (blue), using TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb (solid line) compared to a concentration-matched Rabbit (DA1E) mAb IgG XP® Isotype Control #3900 (dashed line). Anti-rabbit IgG (H+L), F(ab')2 Fragment (Alexa Fluor® 488 Conjugate) #4412 was used as a secondary antibody.


T cell Ig- and mucin-domain-containing molecules (TIMs) are a family of transmembrane proteins expressed by various immune cells. TIM-4 is expressed by dendritic cells and macrophages (1). Like TIM-1, TIM-4 is a receptor for phosphatidylserine (2). Interaction of TIM-4 with phosphatidylserine exposed by cells undergoing apoptosis leads to uptake of apoptotic cells (2,3). In this way, TIM-4 regulates adaptive immunity by removing apoptotic antigen-specific T cells following clearance of infection. Peritoneal macrophages from mice deficient in TIM-4 fail to effectively clear apoptotic cells leading to hyperactive T and B cells and autoimmunity (4). In addition, TIM-4 expressed by tumor-associated macrophages and dendritic cells leads to autophagy-mediated degradation of dying tumor cells, resulting in reduced antigen presentation and T cell responses (5). TIM-4 was also identified as a ligand for TIM-1, and interaction between these proteins regulates T cell proliferation (1). Finally, TIM-4 is expressed by a subset of proinflammatory B cells that produce IFN-γ and promote Th1 cell differentiation (6).

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14166   Hematoxylin
14177   SignalStain® Mounting Medium
14746   SignalStain® Citrate Unmasking Solution (10X)
15019   Animal-Free Blocking Solution (5X)
7003   20X LumiGLO® Reagent and 20X Peroxide
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9997   Tris Buffered Saline with Tween® 20 (TBST-10X)

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TIM-4 (D3W4F) XP® Rabbit mAb

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