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SimpleChIP® Control PCR Primers

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SimpleChIP® Control PCR Primersは2種類のコントロールプライマーのミックスで、ChIPアッセイで得られるDNAの増幅にご使用いただけます。これらのプライマーは、ChIPアッセイで使用した抗体で検出した標的タンパク質の既知の結合サイトを含む、ポジティブコントロールDNA配列を増幅します。また、抗体の感度を確認するために、ネガティブコントロールとしてもご使用いただけます。

  • プライマーはCST社内で設計し、CST社のChIP用抗体SimpleChIP® Kitを用いた規格試験で最適化しましたので、貴重な時間と試薬の無駄を省けます。
  • プライマーは、SYBR® Green dyeを用いたリアルタイムPCR用に最適化されています。
  • テクニカルサポートは、製品を設計、製造している製品開発者が担当いたします。

SimpleChIP® Human GAPDH Promoter Primers #4471

DNA isolated from cross-linked cells using the SimpleChIP<sup>®</sup> Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kit (Magnetic Beads) #9003.

Figure 1. Amplification - SimpleChIP® Human GAPDH Promoter Primers #4471 were tested on DNA isolated from cross-linked cells using the SimpleChIP® Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kit (Magnetic Beads) #9003. Real-time PCR was performed in duplicate on a serial dilution of 2% total input DNA (20 ng, 4 ng, 0.8 ng, and 0.16 ng) using a real-time PCR detection system and SYBR® Green reaction mix. The PCR amplification efficiency (E) and correlation coefficient (R2) were calculated based on the corresponding threshold cycle (CT) of each dilution sample during 40 cycles of real-time PCR (95°C denaturation for 15 sec, 65°C anneal/extension for 60 sec).

PCR product melting curves using SimpleChIP<sup>®</sup> Human GAPDH Promoter Primers #4471.

Figure 2. Specificity - PCR product melting curves were obtained on real-time PCR reactions performed using SimpleChIP® Human GAPDH Promoter Primers #4471. Data is shown for both duplicate PCR reactions using 20 ng of total DNA. The melt curve consists of 80 melt cycles, starting at 55°C with increments of 0.5°C per cycle. Each peak is formed from the degradation of a single PCR product.

SimpleChIP® Control PCR Primers

CSTコード 品名 適用 種交差性
CSTコード 品名 適用 種交差性
85916SimpleChIP® Mouse Intracisternal A-Particle (IAP) LTR PrimersChIPM
14901SimpleChIP® Human 28S rDNA Repeat PrimersChIPH
5037SimpleChIP® Human γ-Actin Promoter PrimersChIPH
5047SimpleChIP® Human γ-Actin Intron 3 PrimersChIPH
13653SimpleChIP® Human β-Actin Promoter PrimersChIPH
13669SimpleChIP® Human β-Actin 3' UTR PrimersChIPH
73401SimpleChIP® Human ADAM9 Intron 11 PrimersChIPH
5098SimpleChIP® Human AFM Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
7269SimpleChIP® Mouse AFM Intron 2 PrimersChIPM
99663SimpleChIP® Human IKZF3 Promoter PrimersChIPH
4486SimpleChIP® Human α Satellite Repeat PrimersChIPH
12376SimpleChIP® Human RUNX2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
75671SimpleChIP® Human ARRDC3 Downstream PrimersChIPH
13059SimpleChIP® Mouse ATF-3 Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
66427SimpleChIP® Human ATF-3 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
8973SimpleChIP® Human Axin2 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
13707SimpleChIP® Mouse B-Myb Intron 2 PrimersChIPM
12924SimpleChIP® Human Bcl-2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
48781SimpleChIP® Human C/EBPδ Promoter PrimersChIPH
5111SimpleChIP® Human CaMK2D Intron 3 PrimersChIPH
53559SimpleChIP® Mouse Ccdc57 Intron 5 PrimersChIPM
7983SimpleChIP® Rat CCRN4L Promoter PrimersChIPR
5131SimpleChIP® Mouse CIS Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
14927SimpleChIP® Human CTGF Promoter PrimersChIPH
14928SimpleChIP® Human CTGF Upstream PrimersChIPH
39609SimpleChIP® Mouse CXCL2 Promoter PrimersChIPM
67406SimpleChIP® Human CXXC1 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
12531SimpleChIP® Human CCND1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
84846SimpleChIP® Human CYP2B7 Pseudogene Promoter PrimersChIPH
7531SimpleChIP® Human DHFR Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
79879SimpleChIP® Human DNAJB9 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
7710SimpleChIP® Human DMD Intron 2 PrimersChIPH
19133SimpleChIP® Human DMD Intron 2 PrimersChIPH
5549SimpleChIP® Human EGR1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
11953SimpleChIP® Human EGR1 Intron 3 PrimersChIPH
29118SimpleChIP® Human EIF4G1 Intron 8 PrimersChIPH
9673SimpleChIP® Human ESR1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
13840SimpleChIP® Human FDPS Promoter PrimersChIPH
7859SimpleChIP® Human FKBP51 Intron 5 PrimersChIPH
4663SimpleChIP® Human c-Fos Promoter PrimersChIPH
12010SimpleChIP® Human c-Fos Exon 3 PrimersChIPH
25661SimpleChIP® Human c-Fos Upstream PrimersChIPH
95568SimpleChIP® Human FOXN3 Intron 3 PrimersChIPH
4471SimpleChIP® Human GAPDH Promoter PrimersChIPH
4478SimpleChIP® Human GAPDH Intron 2 PrimersChIPH
5516SimpleChIP® Human GAPDH Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
7964SimpleChIP® Rat GAPDH Promoter PrimersChIPR
8986SimpleChIP® Mouse GAPDH Intron 2 PrimersChIPM
5550SimpleChIP® Human GATA6 Promoter PrimersChIPH
27131SimpleChIP® Human GLA Promoter PrimersChIPH
33770SimpleChIP® Human HUWE1 Intron 26 Control PrimersChIPH
7273SimpleChIP® Human HES4 Promoter PrimersChIPH
53538SimpleChIP® Human HMOX1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
83602SimpleChIP® Human HNRNPA0 Promoter PrimersChIPH
7341SimpleChIP® Mouse HoxA1 Promoter PrimersChIPM
7707SimpleChIP® Human HoxA1 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
5517SimpleChIP® Human HoxA2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
14909SimpleChIP® Human HoxA9 Promoter PrimersChIPH
7429SimpleChIP® Mouse HoxD10 Exon 1 PrimersChIPM
14023SimpleChIP® Human HSP70 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
12899SimpleChIP® Human HSP90β Promoter PrimersChIPH
5551SimpleChIP® Human HSPA6 Promoter PrimersChIPH
5139SimpleChIP® Human ID1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
89001SimpleChIP® Human ID1 5'UTR PrimersChIPH
13051SimpleChIP® Human IFN-γ Promoter PrimersChIPH
5172SimpleChIP® Human H19/Igf2 Imprinting Control Region PrimersChIPH
5552SimpleChIP® Human IκBα Promoter PrimersChIPH
14271SimpleChIP® Human CD11b Promoter PrimersChIPH
62086SimpleChIP® Human KLK2 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
70823SimpleChIP® Human LENG8 5' UTR PrimersChIPH
76144SimpleChIP® Mouse MDM2 Exon 3 PrimersChIPM
90678SimpleChIP® Human MDM2 Intron 2 PrimersChIPH
26727SimpleChIP® Human MEF2A Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
12870SimpleChIP® Mouse MEST Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
12928SimpleChIP® Mouse MEST Promoter PrimersChIPM
31180SimpleChIP® Human ERRFI1 Upstream PrimersChIPH
12377SimpleChIP® Human MITF Promoter PrimersChIPH
31090SimpleChIP® Human MRPL36 Promoter PrimersChIPH
9013SimpleChIP® Human MS4A7 Promoter PrimersChIPH
57949SimpleChIP® Human MX1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
14905SimpleChIP® Human c-Myc Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
4490SimpleChIP® Human MyoD1 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
4493SimpleChIP® Human MYT-1 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
8985SimpleChIP® Mouse MYT-1 Promoter PrimersChIPM
95064SimpleChIP® Human Nanog Promoter PrimersChIPH
12558SimpleChIP® Human PMAIP1 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
4779SimpleChIP® Human NPM1 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
12635SimpleChIP® Mouse NQO1 Promoter PrimersChIPM
4829SimpleChIP® Human NR4A3 Promoter PrimersChIPH
81126SimpleChIP® Human NFE2L2 Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
4641SimpleChIP® Human Oct-4 Promoter PrimersChIPH
4653SimpleChIP® Mouse Oct-4 Promoter PrimersChIPM
13828SimpleChIP® Mouse OGDH Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
4669SimpleChIP® Human CDKN1A Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
6449SimpleChIP® Human CDKN1A Promoter PrimersChIPH
11951SimpleChIP® Human CDKN1B Promoter PrimersChIPH
12281SimpleChIP® Human EP300 Promoter PrimersChIPH
77410SimpleChIP® Human PabPC1 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
33070SimpleChIP® Human PAI-1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
60986SimpleChIP® Mouse PDX1 Promoter PrimersChIPM
13902SimpleChIP® Mouse PER1 Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
8984SimpleChIP® Mouse PITX3 Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
9014SimpleChIP® Human PRF1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
32784SimpleChIP® Human KLK3 Promoter PrimersChIPH
20508SimpleChIP® Human PTMA Downstream PrimersChIPH
13413SimpleChIP® Human NR1D1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
35998SimpleChIP® Human NRIP1 Upstream PrimersChIPH
14084SimpleChIP® Human RNU2-1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
7014SimpleChIP® Human RPL30 Exon 3 PrimersChIPH
7015SimpleChIP® Mouse RPL30 Intron 2 PrimersChIPM
5077SimpleChIP® Human Sat2 Repeat Element PrimersChIPH
62858SimpleChIP® Human SF3B3 Exon 1 PrimersChIPH
29965SimpleChIP® Mouse SLA2 Promoter PrimersChIPM
7681SimpleChIP® Human SLC19A2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
4649SimpleChIP® Human Sox2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
30180SimpleChIP® Mouse Sox2 Exon1 PrimersChIPM
12864SimpleChIP® Human StAR Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
5156SimpleChIP® Human SUB1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
5148SimpleChIP® Human TAP1 Promoter PrimersChIPH
9702SimpleChIP® Human pS2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
39833SimpleChIP® Human TGFBR2 Promoter PrimersChIPH
7001SimpleChIP® Human Timeless Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
90568SimpleChIP® Human TRIO Exon 57 PrimersChIPH
12769SimpleChIP® Human tRNA-Leu Anti-Codon (TAG) PrimersChIPH
89052SimpleChIP® Mouse TULP4 Promoter PrimersChIPM
95288SimpleChIP® Mouse TXNIP Promoter PrimersChIPM
12970SimpleChIP® Human Tyrosinase Promoter PrimersChIPH
17456SimpleChIP® Mouse USP31 Promoter PrimersChIPM
30101SimpleChIP® Human WARS Intron 1 PrimersChIPH
4659SimpleChIP® Mouse XIST Intron 1 PrimersChIPM
98428SimpleChIP® Human ZNF19 Intron 3 PrimersChIPH
25946SimpleChIP® Human ZNF335 Promoter PrimersChIPH

Reactivity Key:  H=Human  M=Mouse

SimpleChIP® Control PCR Primers

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